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The Curio Show

— One Night Only!

Presented by BooTown Theatre
Salvage Vanguard Theater
March 1, 10pm — Tickets

On March 1, after The Crapstall Street Boys, Trouble Puppet presents BooTown Theatre and their touring shadow puppet production The Curio Show.

Crapstall Street Tickets on Sale

Buy tickets to TPT's The Crapstall Street Boys
Feb. 20–March 15, 2014
Salvage Vanguard Theater

Czech marionettes and bunraku-style (three-person) puppets tell the darkly hilarious, wickedly smart story of You Lad, a workhouse boy dodging boy-eating monsters. Made for grownups, the show will entertain children able to enjoy a feature-length production (approx 1.25 hours).

The Story: Mister and Missus can’t help thinking that if only they didn’t have the expense of clothing and feeding You Lad, they could afford the Household Weapon for Monster Defense (Home WMD), version 5, the very latest in Anti-Monster Security Systems technology. Then they hit upon a brilliant solution that gets the boy off their hands, brings in the money for the Monster Masher, and ultimately brings about the realization of their worst nightmare. A darkly funny, post-industrial Dickensian fable featuring a variety of styles of puppets.

The Statesman has done us proud, with a spectacular video, a photo gallery of rehearsal, and this wonderful feature article by Jeanne Claire van Ryzin.

The Chronicle, too, recommends the show.

Reviews from the 2012 Crapstall:

"fascinating" — Chronicle

"decidedly in the vein of Edward Gorey and Lemony Snicket . . . darkly gripping . . . a disconcerting delight"
— Austin American-Statesman

"a real treat . . . one of the more interesting nights of theater in town" — CultureMap

"captivating puppetry and story telling, as is always the case with Trouble Puppet . . . an excellent showing"
— CentralTexasLiveTheatre.com

Trouble Puppet on The Chronicle's 2013 Top-10 Lists

The Head was noted on Wayne Alan Brenner's Top-10 Creative Things list and Elizabeth Cobbe's Top-10 Sets list.

Season Tickets Still Available

Trouble Puppet Season Tickets are now available! Buy 'em for holiday presents, or tuck one into your own stocking. They're a great deal, and 2014 is going to be a spectacular season.

Single season ticket: $55. Double: $95. To purchase, email kathryn@troublepuppet.com or call 512-573-2540.

You Lad and Little Pig

The Crapstall Street Boys

February 20–March 15

Who are the monsters roaming Crapstall Street, and can the Monster Masher 300 — or You Lad — keep them away?

An original Trouble Puppet show (previously performed as part of Frontera Fest, now a feature-length production).

Austin Puppet Incident

Austin Puppet Incident

August 22 — 24

Hilarious, heartbreaking, eerie, inventive: An evening of short puppet works co-curated by Glass Half Full Theatre.

Get into Trouble

Date TBA

Our annual themed party, with food, drink, and entertainment galore

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

October 30–November 23

Scary! Spooky! Delightful!

Halloween Costume Party

October 31

Come in costume or not; enjoy food, drinks, and spooky hijinks!

2014 season ticket holders also receive 20% off additional purchased tickets to any of these shows, invitations to special Trouble Puppet events such as production previews and parties, and our undying gratitude.

Year-End Donations

Calling on Santa! Please click the Donate button on this page to fill TPT's stocking with something besides trouble.


To all our sponsors, supporters and volunteers for Get into Trouble.

Thank you, everyone, for making our annual party so much fun! Special thanks to: Datri Bean, Justin Sherburn Steve Bernal, and Adam Sultan for performing; to Eponymous Garden for our raffle's grand prize; to Counter Culture and Chef Sandy Bowie for the food; and to all the volunteers and donors.

Photo booth album here. Candids and performance photos here.

See more on our supporters page.


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Cruel Circus ringtones ("Hiiiiiiiiiiii!" "Popcorn," "Ow ow ow" etc.) now available (for free)!

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  Music For Puppets

Trouble Puppet's Resident Composer, Justin Sherburn, has released a new CD. Music for Puppets is now available! The CD features music composed by Sherburn for Trouble Puppet shows including Frankenstein, The Jungle and Riddley Walker.

To purchase please click on the link below.

Montopolis Music